Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Free Press Summer Fest Is

MAN! Hold up. Seriously. This weekend is going to be out of control in that H-Town. I thought festivals this thowed happened only in Austin? But alas and alak... That's just not true anymore!

The good folks at Free Press Houston and Pegstar Events have joined forces to bring to you the 2nd Annual Free Press Summer Fest!

And what an incredible line up. Check it out on www.freepresssummerfest.com

I'll never forget when the Free Press hit the streets, filling a void left long ago by the Public News. I'll also never forget when Jagi of Pegstar first started booking shows. He was bringing Banghra (sp?) DJs to Houston and hipping me to that whole sound before we ever even got to meet. He'd call and send me CDs and stuff. Great to see such wonderful people working together to make something this serious.

This is no half assed attempt at a festival, THIS IS A SERIOUS FESTIVAL.

And I can't wait to attend. I missed last years, and I'm not sure why. This year I just have to see the whole thing.

Poster-art Godfather Jermaine Rogers has kindly thrown down for his hometown with this mega-clutch poster for the upcoming Free Press Summer Fest. Jermaine has helped Free Press out from its infancy and we already are indebted to him for his artwork, advice, and vision. We are utterly proud of his involvement and honored he did this. Limited edition screen prints of this poster will be for sale at the festival and Jermaine himself will be on hand to sign and sell them.

I mean seriously it's really goin' down. Peep all these posters. Admission is cheap but they gone make you go broke once inside!

Anyway it's like $40 to get into this thing, what a bargain. I suggest going the full two days and checking out all the music you can! I can't believe Austin's own Blacklisted Individuals are on this show! I mean seriously some of my favorite artists are gonna be in one place, at one time, IN HOUSTON!

Bun B, Slim Thug, Dead Prez, Perseph1, Blacklisted Individuals, Kid Sister, Mixmaster Mike, Free Radicals, Flaming Lips, Rusted Shut, Bull Thieves, and so many more acts from all over the board.

And it's cheap for real. You can't miss this. Just go to www.freepresssummerfest.com for tickets and all the information you will need. Full schedule is there, and suffice it to say, it's really goin' DOWN!

Weather is gonna be sunny with a few clouds and peak in the mid-90's. Yeah, pretty perfect. Pack some sunscreen and meet me there! Anyone know what the food vendor situation is gonna be like? I'm dreaming of some Houston restaurants that I'd like to see out there...


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